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I am writing this petition to the Highest Court in the Country and to all other relevant government agencies and Our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi.

It is with great anguish and pain that all of see our city walls and electric poles/telephone poles posted with Banners, Posters, Placards which not only looks dirty but at the same time it adds to garbage and pollution. The Honourable Supreme Court needs to make it a civil offence and make it illegal and levy heavy penalty. As change takes time I am recommending the following course of action:

  1. Supreme Court make it illegal to put up posters, banners, placards, hoardings, clip boards or anything for political or commercial gain.
  2. Levy Heavy Fines on both the proposer & printer who puts us such material. The fine has to be so much that it becomes a deterrent. I feel a minimum fine of Rs. 10 Lakhs for any such display for any person/company/agency/political party/NGO/Government Agency/Institution etc.
  3. Each Colony/Municipality should have notice boards put up in different places to communicate public messages which are only to be utilized for Government benefit programs. 
  4. Spoiling Government/Municipal Sign Board by pasting on top of the board should be a punishable offence which should be both a fine.  A non-bail able term jail for 15 Days and fine of RS. 10 Lakhs.
  5. Use the Public Strength by allowing the Swatch Bharat to share photograph and any citizen can post a photograph of the above mis-use and he/she should be incentivized by way of gift vouchers and discount coupons for restaurant and groceries.  
  6. Distribution of pamphlets should be channelized through India Post system only at a subsidised cost and the only legal method of print advertisement. This should be done as per the pin code so that a promoter has the choice of sending the pamphlets as per their choice of area. 
  7. Cleaning of Market Places should be a collaborative between the Municipal Corporation and the Market Welfare Association. Special Incentives for Market Places which are well Maintained and Clean.

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