Requesting SC to Dismiss central g petition on Cauvery issue of extention for 3 months....

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Hi all tamilians around the world , here is a small step am taking, first as a citizen of India and then a tamilian.

After long decades of struggle the honourable supreme court has given it's final verdict on Cauvery issue to BJP govt to form a scheme by March 30 2018 with a time of 6 weeks.

BJP govt was here & then was giving all promises to form the scheme but evryone knws it 'll never ever happen cuz BJP won't do anythng as elections in Karnataka is on course my May 12.

Being a central government it should work for the people of India not for vote , just for votes in Karnataka BJP is running away from its responsibilities by not forming the scheme.


By keeping quite for 6 weeks , by the last day it's planning to file a petition seeking for clarification on the scheme which clearly shows on it's decision of not forming any scheme on Cauvery issue.


Now it's filed a petition again asking another 3 months extension to form the scheme , if the BJP govt is unable to form a scheme in 6 weeks , obviously it won't form in 3 months.


Requesting honourable judges of this Cauvery case to Dismiss the govt petition of extension for 3 months and immediately order govt to form Cauvery water management board rather forming a scheme.


The only solution will be all the dams going under the hands of board so tat water can't be denied by any state for giving to another state.


I humbly request each and every tamilians across the world to sign my petition so tat our request is heard by supreme court.