Reimpose the ban on entry of women into Sabarimala Temple

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Putting an end to a centuries-old tradition, the Supreme Court of India on 28th September 2018  ruled that women, irrespective of age, can enter Kerala’s Sabarimala temple. A five-judge Constitution bench, headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, said that the provision in the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorisation of Entry) Rules, 1965, which authorised the restriction, violated the right of Hindu women to practice religion. This, however does not apply to this case.

I firmly believe that women have been following this tradition all these years and nobody questioned this particular tradition until now, when there has been a sudden desire for women to enter the temple despite the ban imposed by the court ever since 1965. I feel that the ban has to be reimposed, and tradition must be restored to the country.

The ban does not harm anyone. Sabarimala is not the only Ayyappa temple in India. Nor is it the only temple with such restrictions. Still, women  want to break this tradition and enter the temple. According to tradition,a female citizen can enter it only  before she turns 10 or after she turns 50.Otherwise she is not allowed to enter. 

My mother is a pious woman; she also would love to pray in any temple, but she respects the tradition and will wait until she turns 50 to go to Sabarimala.

Please  offer your kind support to this responsible citizen, in an effort to not destroy every tradition by moving courts. Thank You. Jai Hind