Demand Qualitics (Quality + Politics)

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                DEMAND QUALITICS 

Problem :

Since the independence 15th August 1947. Our country is dealing with a same mentality and a set stereotyped Politicians. 

Every politician tries to portray themselves as a new blood a new ideologist with a lot of revolutionary ideas. Portrays that they will bring a so called change which our nation is waiting for.

Same type of politics.

1) Does a politics of RELIGION





Our Movement “DEMAND QUALITICS” is focusing on making basic criteria for these so called politicians. We are working to turn them into Qualitician rather than just Politicians.

With the above three problems and setting a criteria for them. We will soon go to the Supreme Court Of India and appeal them to take strict actions on Election Commission to stop such practices in today’s politics. 

Eversince independence we haven’t had a basic rule which can monitor or control the political structure.

Demands under this campaign

  • Every politician must keep constitution first as a base of their politics and not any religion or caste
  • Every politician must fulfill atleast 80% of their promises in given tenure. Year by year percentage should be decided
  • Actions must be taken against every politician on hate speeches by their party in 80% of the cases.

With 3 simple demands which we will keep as suggestions in front of SC. These demands of fulfilled, will change our future. As they will change our political scenario. Thus, let us



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