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Policy for mandatory use of donations received at worship places to help needy people.

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Worship places are frequented by millions of people and donations are also received in bulk. Currently, only respective management decides how to use it and most of the times it end up storing it for future after utilizing small portion of it.

We have many examples of invaders coming looting and destroying our religious places only because of stored wealth. Do we again want that or should we sensibly use that wealth today itself for the needy.

Today in India we have many bigger problems to solve, like starving people, uneducated youth, affordable/Free medical facility for poor, farmers suicide etc. etc. Hence, Isn't it will be a great idea that whatever donations any religious place receives, a bigger portion of it is mandatory used for the needy today itself and only a small portion is left behind for maintenance & storage or any other use. Idea is to use people's money for the betterment of other needy people.

Though this ratio can be decided by competent authority, my suggestion on how to use this money is as follows:

  1. Every religious place within India (Temple, Mosque, Church & Gurdwara) must be covered under this policy which meets a basic condition.
  2. 25% of donations must be used for free medical facility. It can also adopt a charitable hospital and treatments must be given without any discrimination.
  3. 25% of donations must be used for Free Food 24X7.
  4. 25% of donations must be used for education. It can also adopt a charitable/ other school and all facilities are to be given free. Admissions must be given without any discrimination. Brilliant but poor must be given priority.
  5. Rest 25% can be used for upkeep of religious site and other requirements. In case management still decides to store wealth with this 25%, stored wealth cannot cross a maximum limit and anything beyond has to be used/given to in any of the above 3 options.
  6. Very important : All above to be monitored and audited on monthly basis by a team of minimum 7 people, 4 of which has to be from general public and has to be non Govt and not related to Religious site. Also services provided by above money should not die like other subsidized services where all or maximum services are lacking because of lack of focus (Good mechanism will be required).
  7. Audited report to be made public on website of the religious site. Stringent action to be taken against any kind of corruption.

I am sure, if we can do this then a larger portion of 2 big threats will be taken care of :

1) We will have less starving people, less uneducated youth, lesser farmers suicide will happen and poor will not die in want of free medical facility.

2) Our religious places will not be on the target of invaders, instead we will have educated, happy and healthy people to fight with invaders.

Last but not the least we will be able to help people by the people themselves and I believe this is what every religion teach us.


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