Please take little bit of your focus towards this matters as girl is not a toy to playwith

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The change will surely impact our mindset towards a girl child.As we know that a girl is a mother,a sister,a grand mother etc.So from now on we should change ourselves especially the males so that females should feel safe and secure everywhere.They can follow any lifestyle and can do anything they would prefer to do,who are we to point out the pros and cons.The male child should be nurtured from their childhood in such a way that they atleast learn how to respect a girl in their entire lifetime.So atlast I would sign off by saying that if we would not learn how to respect a girl child so that she should feel safe,we should not expect respect in return,as we know that"Respect is not demanded,it is commanded"and according to law of Karma "What goes around comes around",so we should have a record of all of our actions as they will decide how we would be treated in days to come.