Save AIR-INDIA from Privatisation!

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Air-India had always been a financially viable airline until Indian-Airlines merged with it under the minister of Civil Aviation Praful Patel. Eversince then, Air India has been in loss. Part of the reason for loss is also that most of the profitable sectors were given to private air carries resulting in widening the losses for Air India, which most of the nation is presumably aware of.

The question is will the Nation of India allow our babus and other political bureaucrats to make the decision AGAIN or take their OWN STAND stand this time.

The question here is why are airlines with negative net worth being allowed to bid? Also how can one central government make a decision on the viability or sale of an industry that it doesn't understand? Why not sell only the loss making arm or sectors of Air India? How is it that the babus from all other external government agencies and departments will never take a pay cut on their salaries or perks, but are in the power to decide the fate of Air India and its thousands of employees? How can the process then ever be fair?

I am passionate about our national carrier which has done innumerous evacuation flights in war zones and national emegrencies such as the flooding in Chennai. Till date NONE of the private carriers have done a single evacuation flight or flights for national cause. Instead they increased their pricing during the Chennai flooding. Is there a single private air carrier that is willing to undertake flights for a national cause in the future COMMITTEDLY? As none of the private air carriers are ready to undertake such responsibilities for India, hence it only makes sense for Air India to be a national carrier. If the government is really interested in recovering losses, then they should focus on the Vijay Mallyas of the nation. Speaking of Vijay Mallya, we also saw what happened to airfares when AirDeccan was taken over by Kingfisher and we can all see where Kingfisher is now. Don't let Air India follow in the footsteps of Kingfisher or the babus of the nation with their vested interest. Air India is our national carrier and every individual has an equal right to have their say on this matter.