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our mothers problem ,our sisters problem,our loving daughters problem,problem of our country.

LOVING MOTHER :- who gives birth to a baby, who takes care of you,who feeds you when your in her womb,gives you the world's best,the person who loves you the most.

CARING SISTER :- who gives company in playing and also in quarrelling and in doing mischievous things,who cares for you.

AN UNDERSTANDING WIFE :-who supports you ,cares for you and also your family.

LOVEABLE DAUGHTER :-who makes you to learn many things,and also the person who changes her roles(as daughter,sister,wife,mother).

Each and every role played by her is precious .

If she is not present the world is nothing .But at present the socitey itself making her to do nothing.

We have already a 23 years girl raped in a bus at Delhi in 2012.And already have given death penalty to the  culprits.

Eventhough the society is not getting changed

And a 5 years old  haryana girl was raped,And found with 16 cm wooden stick inserted into her body.And the culprits are not punished they have escaped.

And at present 8 years  old girl  asifa was raped in a temple at kathua in jammu and kashmir.

Even though the culprits are given with death penalty . In every year nearly thousands of  innocent  NIRAS are getting harrashed.

And we don't care about that the eyes of laws and socitey are closed.

We have gone through only few that happened in the last few days and year.

And they will happening too. But no one cares. 

Then also our INDIA is ready to face .

Beacause we have already got a name I.e., "*INCREDIBLE  INDIA*"

And we also got freedom on 15-aug-1947 beacause of those great people (gandhi jii,nehru,sardar valla bai Patel, alluri sita ram raju ,and also many other freedom fighters) 

But a girl didn't get freedom atleast to breath.

Every girl is frightening to go out  and to achieve her goals.  If this happens for further generation of India then there will be no  loving ,caring ,understanding and lovable MOTHER TO INDIA. 

So socitey please PLEASE WAKE UP .

The laws are getting implimented to the culprits but there are no laws to change the thoughts of people .

I think in further we will have some laws to change thoughts too involuntarily.

Change the rules and laws.Then everything will be good in our society.

*wake up india*


you have no rights to disrespect her 


*MERA         BHARAT     MAHAN*

*Sign my petition to protect our country*