Make Gender Neutral Law in case of Adultery in India.

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A is a man, married to X.

B is another man, married to Y.

Now, A is involved in a sexual relationship with Y, where B is either unaware of their relationship or he has no consent.

X, who is wife of A, comes to know about their sexual relationship.

Now, it is a clear case of Adultery. Where,

A is cheating on his wife X.
Y is cheating on her husband B.
So, both (X and B) file a case against their respective spouses.

A gets his punishment of 5 years or fine or both. According to our law, Section 497[1]because he cheated on his wife.

But, what doesn’t make sense to me?

That Y equally cheated on her husband B. But there is no law to punish her. X got her justice and B became victim of injustice.

Where crime was equally committed by Aand Y.

Irony: What if B decides to commit same crime after injustice, and Y files a case against him. Then what will happen?

"Make Gender Neutral Law in case of Adultery in india."

Make Changes in Adultery - Section 497 IPC