Legalizing Automobile Modification In India

Legalizing Automobile Modification In India

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Started by Alwin Mathew Jacob

Modifications of any kind of vehicles are illegal as per the latest Supreme Court judgment. RTO and other law enforcement agencies can not only fine such errant vehicles but can also seize them and recommend the cancellation of the registration certificates (RC).

Jeep and SUV owners of Kerala, who played a major part rescuing people and delivering flood material relief, during the floods in the state, have also faced action for modifying their vehicles. These owners have given a  representation to the RTO stating that the modifications they have on their vehicle are meant to be functional ones, enhancing the vehicles’ capability off the road. However, it remains to see whether RTO/MVD officials accept this explanation and let these vehicles off. For now, any modification on a vehicle is illegal, and it’s best that owners bring their vehicles back to stock condition, or refrain from modifying their vehicles in a big way.

It’s not Kerala’s modified vehicles alone that are facing the heat of the RTO. Officials in many other parts of the country are coming down heavily on modified vehicles as they seek to follow the Supreme Court order in letter and spirit. Just recently, police officials in Maharashtra posed as godmen and beggars to nab owners of modified vehicles, and to destroy the modifications on the spot. More such police action is likely as the drive against modified vehicles intensifies.

Automobile Enthusiasts consider "Modification" as a form of ART! Modifications are legalized in many parts of the world! Supreme Government must draft a policy where the modifications done in Vehicles can be logged. A document must be drafted to provide "Technical Guidelines" to the people. The modifications must be checked and approved as per the given guidelines! It is never possible to give an end to modified vehicles in the country, they help us in disaster when stock cars can't reach! Conversion of Combustion Vehicles to Electric Vehicles should be entertained!

As a developing nation, we must support the youth to bring up new ideas that can be used by manufacturers all around the world! 

5,356 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!