Legalise 'marijuana' in India.

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Cannabis plants are still illegal in our country, even after being harmless and legalized in biggest countries in the world for medicinal use. How can we expect us to be a progressive nation, if we show ignorance to change. This affects our trust in our system for it being so rigid.

What we need to do is spread awareness that unlike alcohol and cigarettes which cause many fatalities every single day, use of cannabis is does not cause loss of life. Yes, there has been no recorded death due to over consumption of marijuana. It has been used as a medicinal herb from thousands of years. It does not impair decision making, does not make you violent, does not reduce vision, does not get you addicted. But it does make us smile. Not only it will boost our economy, but the value of our currency which is dropping every year. Why? Because of imported alcohol and cigarettes, now if we legalize marijuana, people will switch and it will make our nation to be in center of the world, the value of Rupee will go up as imported goods decrease. Make in India we say but don't do it, this is our chance to be known as progressive, get youngsters to vote and increase value of rupee.

Personal story
I am someone willing to make a change. Because future is ours to live in, not the old people from about 50 years ago, times are changing, we are closer to peace than ever before, so we must change our hearts as well.