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Law to end the stone age old tradition of not letting Indian women worship during periods

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Most of the Indian Hindu women are considered impure and are not allowed to perform worship during their menstrual cycle. In fact, there are many things they are not allowed to do,

  1. Don't enter temple or perform act of worship at home
  2. Don't enter kitchen
  3. Don't sleep during day time
  4. Don't have sex
  5. Don't touch anyone
  6. Live in isolation
  7. Don't touch pickles 

And the list goes on....

These stone age old traditions need to change, those days we didn't have sanitary napkins to take care of personal hygiene. We human beings are made to evolve along with the time, Raja Ram Mohan Roy banned Sati Pratha - the immolation of a Hindu widow on the funeral pyre of her deceased husband. Supreme Court banned Triple Talaq. We should work towards making India a progressive society by getting rid of such regressive practice. It's inhuman and Indian women deserve equal respect as any other citizen of India. 

Menstruation is a healthy biological process, let's join hands against this ill practice and stop shaming a girl child as little as 10-11-year-old by instilling a rubbish thought in her mind that she would be impure every time she undergoes period for rest of her life.  

I request honorable apex court to call this practice a criminal act and come up with a strong legislation against the so called contractors/guardians of religion who preach and ultimately forces such evil practice on the minor girl of next generation.  

Respect you give is respect you earn.

Ved Prakash

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