Kaveri river management board should be established

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Had given a time of 6 weeks to set up the kaveri river management board, serial events of dramas had occured at the neck of the deadline and finally the result was a null set. The central government had played a monopoly over the issue and the state government of thamizhnadu assisted them. Through this petition, i just wanted to warn the entire judicial set up of india; judges, generals, chief justice, and the person who has control over him, The President; that the entire judicial set up is being dumb over the issue.

The subject can be anyone, whether a common man or it may be legislative and executive set ups, it is the duty and responsibility of the judicial set up to keep a check over them, but it doesnt did in this kaveri issue. So via these petitions, with all your supports, i want all of you; citizens of india; to keep a check over the judiciary, which had misbehaved and accepted the dishonour from the both central and state governments.

I want a revolution through this until the board is set up and within the karnataka elections