Demand At Least 15 Years Of Imprisonment For The Murderers Of Pregnant Kerala Elephant

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One week ago, a few locals from Kerala fed a pineapple filled with explosives to a pregnant wild elephant, who sustained grievous injuries to her jaw upon ingestion of the fruit. Despite being in excruciating pain and agony, she suffered quietly, ultimately succumbing to her injuries as she stood in the middle of a river, hoping water would help alleviate the pain. 

Unfortunately, such heartbreaking and inhumane treatment of animals in India is incredibly common and has little to no consequences for those indulging in such dastardly acts of abuse and cruelty. The current punishment for the killing, poisoning, maiming or torturing of an animal is laughably lax, with an imprisonment of only upto 3 years with along with a small fine.  

We need better and more stringent laws in place if we are to bring the perpetrators of such gruesome acts to justice. Let us unite in solidarity and demand a stricter sentence for those involved in any and all acts of animal mistreatment. Let us lend the power of our voices to the voiceless and prevent these cold-blooded murderers from running away scot-free. Let us ensure that no other animal - domesticated or wild - is tortured or killed in India again. Join me in my appeal to the Supreme Court to make animal cruelty laws more stringent, and to extend the span of imprisonment for those involved in such acts to upto 15 years.