Jamshedpur - The cleanest city without Municipal Body

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Jamshedpur since it’s inception in 1900s has been a crown jewel of Eastern India.

India’s first Industrial Township and more importantly India’s first planned township.

Jamsetji's plan for the city was clear. He envisioned far more than a mere row of workers' hutments. He insisted upon building all the comforts and conveniences a city could provide. As a result, many areas in the city are well planned and there are public leisure places such as the Jubilee Park.

While building the city, Jamsetji Tata had said, "Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick-growing variety. Be sure that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens; reserve large areas for football, hockey and parks; earmark areas for Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Christian churches."

To this day, Jamshedpur stands as a testimony of The Visionary’s dream and still remains the only City without a Municipal Body.

So much is the extent of the Governance by Tata Steel that in 2004, Jamshedpur was chosen to be one of the six cities to participate in the UN Global Compact Cities pilot programme. The other five cities are Melbourne (Australia), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Tianjin (PRC), Nairobi (Kenya) and Sans Francisco (USA).

Jamshedpur represented South Asia. Tata Steels exceptional record in the field of community development and its close involvement in providing services to the steel city has been the reason behind Jamshedpur being nominated for the international pilot project.

The Global Compact Cities pilot programme is a methodology that has been developed by the Committee for Melbourne to address intractable social, economic and environmental issues in the urban context around the world.

Jamshedpur under the Governance of Tata’s have achieved feats which has brought laurels to the country and unfortunately today there are few people such Prashant Bhushan and other politicians who want to bring Jamshedpur under Municipality Structure.

Putting this Structure will only pave way for more corruption at ward levels and goondaism will get political affiliations and let’s not forget the EFFICIENCY with which other Municipality in India works. BMC and BBMP are classic examples for Corruption and Lethargy which has brought down glorious city of Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Lets Unite and shun Prashant Bhushan and request Honourable Supreme Court of India to give verdict in favour of Tata Steel and not allow any Government or any activist to spoil our beautiful Jamshedpur.