Honking NOT ok- We Indians deserve our dignity, health and peace.

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The rampant honking on Indian roads has not just become a huge health issue for the citizens, it significantly hinders our creative potential but also marks us out as a big chaotic third world country infront of the world and severely dilutes our growth on the world stage. 

On a different lens, the fate of our nation depends on the collective virtues of us as citizens. Just GDP growth wouldn't suffice.

We have lots of brain power, lots of ideals, but mannerism isn't one of our virtues.

It manifests the most on the roads in India. Driving in a lane without honking is perceived as a weakness! 

This culture has to change, by education and by strict enforcement. We haven't seen much  of those and successive state machinery have been happy for us to fight amongst each other every time we venture into the roads. In this fight, a person dies every 3 minutes on our roads in India due to accident.

Its a war on the roads which we as citizens need to stop fighting with one another, else we will fail to stand up as citizens in true sense.  We wouldn't be able to do it till we are enforced into it, for us to internalize it and it then becomes our new norm.

It's really upto our Hon Supreme Court to direct the central and the state governments to course correct this grave situation.