Hang the rapist immediately after and if medically proved guilty in India.

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We people of India are aware of the frequent  rapes in the country. We need to raise a voice together to hang the rapist immediately after being medically proved guilty. So that the rapist in future fear the constitution and law of India. 

There have been instances of Nirbhaya rape, Asifa Assault and many more. Recently the rape of Late Dr. Priyanka Reddy should be the last one in India. These convicts are arrested and kept in jail for years spending money for their safety, do they really deserve this?

Yes, there have also few cases where the innocent people are also proved guilty by only evidence found physically and not proven medically. The constitution should show the strictness towards the convict and forming the law for rape saying "The convict will be hanged immediately after medically proved guilty. Any case of rape in court will be taken on fast track and decision to be given in specific time span". If we as a nation take one step towards forming the law we can set an example to the world and also keep our heads high infront of the whole globe. 

I hereby need your help to take it forward and push the government of India to take fast action on making the law in the constitution.  Request you to sign the petition for securing the future of womens in our country.