Empowering SC/ST is solution for INDIA, diminishing the Act is not.

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Recent verdict of Supreme court on SC/ST act is very disappointing. In india we are coming out with daily cases with evidences of atrocities against the depressed class due to caste system yet SC feels that the Act is abused. There are always some vulnerabilities in a system it doesn't mean we should throw out the system, we can also see abuse of Rape and Dowry Act but still we are not in the situation to diminish these laws. According to NCRB data In 2016, 11060 cases registered and out of which 935 were false. Abusive rate is around 10% at the same time conviction rate in 85 to 90% real cases is 15.4% anyone can understand we need to empower the act but Supreme Court has diminish the law.

Help us in creating caste free india by helping our fellow indians of depressed class. Sign and forward the petition for A NEW INDIA..