Death Penalty for WOMEN who rape/abuse our boys/men.

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In India, a rape is defined as a crime committed only by men on women, even when over 54.4% of the boys and men are the victims of sexual, physical abuse and rape mostly committed by women, compared to only 45.6% of female victims.

You can read about the statistics here: Over 54%Boys are sexual abuse victims.

Even the entire media houses, news sites, and television channels report rape as only committed by men on women, when in reality, it is the complete opposite. Even when our boys are suffering in pain because of physical, sexual abuse and rapes by women, these stupid women keep on filing FAKE RAPE cases over those boys and men. The fake rape has reached a level of over 95% in some states of India especially in states of West Bengal. Odissa.

Read more here: Kolkata Fake Cases.

Over the top of all the fake rape cases most women even file false cases of dowry and domestic violence as well. In Domestic Violence, only less than 15% of cases are found to be true.

A lot of men continue to commit suicide by being frustrated by fake feminists and completely idiot women.Read more here.

Most of the consensual sex in India turns out to be rape if the relation does not last, or the woman is committing adultery. Read this.

More men in India also suffer Domestic Violence which is rarely reported. Women are more prone to use lethal weapons on men in Domestic Violence than men on women. Check statistics here.

Please support the petition to kill all women who rape, physically and sexually abuse boys and men, and continue to call themselves "ABLA NAARI".