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Close liquor outlets on Newyear eve to curb accidents and save people

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New year means New Hope, New beginning. But for hundreds of innocent accident victims and families, it turns out to be a day of sadness and mourning.

It is not that accidents don't happen on the other days. The statistics show that the number of accidents on Newyear eve go up by 4 times or even more compared to a normal day. It doesn't require expert study to understand the reason, the villain is the drunken driving.

In all major cities, hundreds of drunken driving cases are booked on New-year eve. And there are another hundreds of drunken drivers who don't get caught. The police patrol is mostly confined to major roads to prevent large scale crimes and in outskirts and interior roads, these drunken drivers run havoc.

Many bars and hotels openly put advertisement in newspapers that people can enjoy unlimited alcohol at their bar on new-year eve. Many go on their own vehicle and travel back home under the influence of alcohol. State run liquor shops witness huge increase in booze sales on new year eve.

A person driving under the influence of alcohol poses danger not just to himself but also to innocent people on the road. When thousands of drunken drivers are on the road, it puts lives of so many people at risk. Hundreds get injured in accidents and many lose their life. Lot of happy families are teared apart because of these negligent drivers.

One idea to curb the problem is to close all liquor outlets including the star hotels on 30 Dec, 31 Dec and 1st Jan across India. I know its not easy, given the economics but the 'Right to live' is more important. When we can close the liquor on 2nd Oct and Mahavir Jayanthi to honour their values, why not on these 3 days too to protect our brothers and sisters.

This may be or may not be a quick fix solutions. But worth a try.

Whoever support my cause, pl sign my petition and spread the word.

 Few links for your reference.

Google 'Newyear eve accidents', 'Newyear eve drunk and driving' to understand the magnitude of this menace

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