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Sushantsingh Rajput's case is widening day by day. Many unanswered questions. Some questions which raised in my mind..This maybe just an actor's case .But once if this case is solved , we can definitely expose the big hands involved in the Bollywood mafia and in the Maharashtra govt ! And hence it is not a normal case.
1. Why did Rhea Chakraborty leave Sushant's house with his Laptop,the medicines which she gave him ,and with the credit card of Sushant?!
2. How did or how can Dr.Kersi Chavda prescribe medicines when he hasn't counselled Sushant?
3.Who is this Siddharth Pitani to bring down onto the bed ,Sushant's body from his hanging posture (as he says he found the body hanging..but it is v hard to believe his words).He was the only person living with Rhea and Sushnat during the lockdown period ! He shouldn't be spared without proper interrogation.
4. Why was the necessity to bring Sushant's body to the Cooper Hospital which was very far from his residence! Infact all mysterious deaths having the celebrity dead bodies have been brought to this Cooper Hospital. Why was two ambulances called?[ Infact the full name of this hospital is "Hinduhridaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Medical college and Dr.R.N.Cooper Municipal General Hospital"!]
5.Why was Aditya Thackeray invited or made his presence in Sushant's party?How is Sushant connected to this politician?It also seems that Aditya Thackeray and Sushant had a fight the night before he was killed.
6.Was there something else, other than his medical records that Sushant feared and dint want it to go to the public? Was he blackmailed with that secret of his ..?
7.As Sushant was anxious and frightened about his life after Disha Salian's death(his ex-manager),we understand that there is a direct link between his death and Disha's death which was told as suicide. So what was the thing which both Disha and Sushnat knew about?!
8.How did this man named Sandip Singh suddenly come to the spot and started claiming he was Sushant's intimate friends ,when the family of Sushant says they have never seen him before! He happens to play and manipulate facts from the outside. He is just planted to confuse and influence the common people with the wrong details.
9. Why was Sushant not able to establish contact with his family or friends after Rhea came. Why did he feel threatened by Rhea ?
10. What was the reason for him to be listening to Rhea's words although he felt insecure and threatened. What kept him back under Rhea's control! (There is certainly something that was bothering this man through Rhea other than his love affair with Rhea)
11. If Rhea felt that Sushnat was in depression and needed medical care,why did she leave him and block his number, one day before Disha Salian was dead?!
12. How did Sushant allow his bodyguards and Servants to be changed by Rhea without his permission or notice and why was he so inactive during parties at his home.
13. Sidharth Pithani was the one who told Sushant's family that Rhea harassed him,but now why is he changing his stand and supporting Rhea?!
14. There is even doubts on tampering of the evidences . No explanation is given regarding the green shawl's position before and after the police 's intervened!
I strongly believe that Rhea Chakraborty's family and she was planted in Sushant's life just like a facilitator..People like Siddharth Pitani and Sandip Singh knows the truth just like Rhea and their job was just to execute things according to a plan which has been done long back !
Iam sure that the Maharashtra govt and the Bollywood mafia working under underworld dons are clearly answerable! And the whole family of Rhea must be booked for money laundering and for breaching of Trust and for mentally harassing a person!
I have huge respect for his hard work and for reaching to this position without absolutely any godfathers..
Satyameva Jayate!