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Saif Mohammed started this petition to Supreme Court of India and

This is with great agony to bring to your kind notice about a film “Aisha, The Mother of Believers,” is deliberately produced by a Lucknow based, Waseem Rizvi Films to hurt the world wide Muslim sentiments.

Waseem Rizvi trying to create hatred atmosphere in the country for his political gains by scripting and producing controversial films. His offensive efforts not only hurts the Indian Muslim community, but it also upsets the Muslims across the globe, especially his upcoming film “Aisha,” because Hazrat Aisha R.A., had an important role in Islamic history, both during Prophet's life and after his demise.

His pervious film “Ram Janmabhomi / Ram Ki Janmbhoomi” was banned from High Court upon petition from various groups and individuals. Cinema houses refused to screen the movie. It was was scripted and produced by Mr. Waseem Rizvi, and the movie is clear evident that, it is deliberately scripted with controversial scenes to create hatred between the communities.

His latest film “Aisha,” teaser released on YouTube which can hurt the religious sentiments of Muslim community. According to Islam it is strictly forbidden to have metaphoric representation of Allah, Prophets and their Family members.

A teaser available on net with his own name, which contains nudity:

Another teaser is also availed on his production house name, which has no nudity.

There are teasers available on the net, many of them containing Nudity and Sexual content. Mr. Rizvi claims, those are doctored videos to defame him. We do now know if the sexual content exist in the actual film or not, but producing imagery of religious figures is severely forbidden in Islam, hence it is blasphemous.

Many individuals and groups filed complaints in different states, they may come on streets if the movie is released. Muslim community is already on the verge with ongoing political situation of the country and Wasim Rizvi trying fan the fire.

Most importantly producing such blasphemous films on prominent personalities like Hazrat Aisha R.A., may backfire on the relationship that our Prime Minster is trying to establish with Muslim countries.

We should try to put a full-stop to such hate and blasphemy spreading people before it is too late.

The film “Aisha, The Mother of Believers” should be banned and Mr. Rizvi should be prosecuted under Blasphemous law of Section 295-A of the Indian Penal Code. 

We appealed to Mr. Prasoon Joshi, Precedent and Mr. Anurg Srivastav, CEO of Central Board of Film Certification to ban this under the blasphemous act.

We also requested Mr. Sangram Shirke, President of Western Indian Film Producers Association to cancel the membership of Waseem Rizvi Films registered under No. 31284 for always trying to create controversies.

We also beg Activists, Journalists, Media Houses, NGO’s, Social Activist, Rights Organizations to launch a campaign against Mr. Waseem Rizvi till he sent to jail and Waseem Rizvi Films till it is suspended.

We hope you will take this appeal seriously and try to take legal proceedings for the betterment of the Indian Cinema, Indian Society, and for the international image of India for preserving the rich heritage of the fast depleting Indian culture.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!