Ban the use of water balloons

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Holi is the festival of colors, celebrated in most parts of India marking the arrival of spring. Full of energy and enthusiasm, people wish their friends and family with colors and water. However, few troublemakers in many housing colonies believe throwing water balloons at absolute strangers even a month in advance of the festival, is great fun. How is entertainment for a bunch acceptable, even tolerated, when it can be the cause of anguish, humiliation and even pain for another?

Imagine you return home from a long workday only to be told by your mother or aunt how she was struck by a water loaded balloon thrown from high above. This, within 3 months of an injury which required her to be operated upon and even before she had managed a full recovery. Sadly, that does not appear to be even a consideration for a bunch of children who want to have some fun at others' expense. Another day you are at a weekly prayer meeting and are informed by a lady that her daughter’s cornea has been damaged by the callous toss of a balloon that hit her eye. This is not the first time you or me are privy to such stories. But we appear to believe (or are forced to believe) that there is little one can do to change this practise. It feels that children just won’t listen. I am not certain who is to blame - the children that indulge in these acts or the adults and parents who continue to be mute spectators to these dangerous acts. We may be waiting for it to get really bad and for the loss to be irreparable before we decide it's time to step in and take some action. But, its never too late to act on things that are wrong and especially conducted by those ill informed children who are the future of our societies. Maybe we were not explained or even reprimanded as children, and thus the tradition continues!

I sincerely urge you to support my plea and help bring the much-required change at a grass-root level. Let’s seek the ban of water balloons completely and have strict rules enforced to prevent entirely avoidable accidents.Let’s do our best to make Holi colorful, enjoyable and fun for all, as the festival was always meant to be.