Ban the use of residential property for commercial activities

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Residential colonies are designed for children, old men and all citizens to live in an open and clean environment. Opening of Shops or establishment in homes built in such colonies even by transforming the land use should not be allowed.

Due to commercial activities, movement in the colonies increases and people living there do not get the benefit of an actual residential environment.

Most of Delhi's business in residential colonies:
1. Do not pay Income tax, sales tax, service tax and land use conversion tax - they have no contribution to the development of the nation.

2. Bribe the police, as a result, police stop listening to grievances of residents.

3. Bribe the MCD, resulting in encroachment, illicit use of land and water, and exposure to the polluted environment to the residents.

4. Vote and fund the corrupt people, as a result, a corrupt, uneducated and unethical leader wins, who can not think of any development of the nation and future of citizens gets screwed for a long time!

5. Enhance the difficulties for people living in colonies by encroaching pavements and roads and would fight with the residents and not allow them to halt or park vehicles on the roadside in front of the commercial establishment.

This petition is to request the Honorable Supreme Court of India to ban the use of residential property for any commercial use.