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Ban the BJP from banning things.

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There are things that you try to ignore and move on with your life since it is not possible for you to control everything. But when that keeps happening repeatedly, you've got to take some action.

As a kid I loved the BJP. I was naive and Lotus was my favourite flower for reasons unknown to me. I also loved Saffron since it turned the already delicious biryani into something out of this world. But as I started growing up that love started to fade away. Maybe because I learned to use my brain and became capable of critical thinking. Maybe because I realized that the actions of these people do not adhere to what the Lotus or Saffron signifies. Or maybe because I stopped being a child who would start whining and throwing tantrums when things did not go according to his wish. Which is something these people are fond of doing day in day out. And when they came to power, oh they started having a gala time.

I don't remember when this trend of banning things started, but I do remember when I started to take notice. It was a bright sunny morning in 2014 when I opened Facebook and got the shock of my life. My news feed was flooded with articles talking about the newly implemented ban on pornography. My world came crashing down. I sat there numb and silent. Because you see for most single guys in India, porn is like a ray of hope that protects us from insanity. Thankfully that ban was taken off soon and it seemed like everything would go back to normal. Well, not really. That's how it all started.

A few states had to let go of beef from their menu, since cow is worshipped by a certain religious group in a country which is 'secular' as per its constitution.

People did not get a chance to watch a movie that was trying to shed light on the issues that have made our country a title contender in the global rape race. We are ranked 4th as of now.

They banned homosexuality because, I don’t know, it sounds ‘gay’?

People of Bihar had to say goodbye to alcohol. Which can be considered a step in the right direction towards reducing domestic violence, but two steps in the wrong direction in terms of democracy and freedom of choice.

The list goes on and on and on.

The most recent development in this context came from Jammu, when some noob appealed to ban the one food item that keeps every broke 20-something who lives alone, fed and full. Momos.

You can take away our right to pleasure ourselves. You can take away our booze. You can even take away our right to enjoy a steak from time to time. But when you ban momos, you are basically asking us to starve.

So this is my appeal to The Supreme Court of India to ban the BJP from banning anything else in future and stop this madness once and for all. They say we are the biggest democracy in the world, let's be the greatest as well by letting people have the freedom of choice.



A humble citizen of a great nation who always stands up for the national anthem, not because he has to, but out of respect.

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