Arrest Pollachi gang Rapists and bring them to justice swiftly with special court

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On February 12, a 19-year-old college girl from Pollachi, was raped by her friend N Sabarirajan, Thirunavukkarasu, T Vasanthakumar and N Sathish in a car.They took her to a farm house and raped her and video tapped it. She isn’t the first victim or the last victim. When the perpetrators phone was checked there were 100’s of videos of women being raped by this group of people.They have videotaped it for their future use.100’s and 100’s of woman are tortured, rapped by this people but it’s still on regional news and police going with soft hands. We need special court and Special investigation Team to speed up the process and bring all of the members of this gang and set an example for rapists who are taking rape as their profession of pleasure. These people and whoever involved in this should never see the light of the day which will bring fear in minds of people who think of rape.