Reservation should be on the basis of merit and not caste. let's unite and save the future

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 My category is OBC, and i was preparing hard to get into a design school. As we know, in designing you need skills over marks. Even as a reserved category guy i chose to apply from a general category side, because i wanted it to be fair. This year Indian Institute of technology cutoff went really high for general, and really low for reserved category people. To clear CEED you needed atleast 35 for general candidate and 5 and 10 marks for SC/ST and OBC respectively. You can see the difference over here. It's not only about CEED you can see a huge difference between cutoffs in other institutes also. I am asking one question, if this is how the future of my kids look like, then i wouldn't want them to be raised  in India, i don't want them to suffer like i am suffering. I am confident that i can crack this exam, but the kind of efforts it takes, is it worth it? Socially backward classes need financial support over compensation in cutoff marks. As, you and i both know, human intelligence is same, it doesn't matter which class you belong to. As a OBC guy i have decided to unite all my general category people and reserved category people to go against the system and support financial based system over merit marks. If this discrimination goes on then we will left with no choice but leave this country as soon as possible to make the life of future generation better. I love my country and i don't want to leave it but if it goes like this then we will left with no choice but opting for a foreign land, and it's almost impossible for people those who don't have strong financial background. They can't even leave country and raise their child in a nurturing environment. I know political parties have a huge support when it comes to abolishing the caste based reservation. I am not asking them to put it out completely, reservation is important but at least make it based on finances over merit and cutoff marks. The logic is really simple, why a guy with 5 marks gets an entry pass over a guy who scored 27 marks, the guy with 27 marks obviously excel than the guy scored 5 marks. Why a designer who excels in designing and have decent designing skills gets left behind over a guy with minimum skills and and minimums marks. If the purpose of all the education institutes is to get the creme then why this marking system? if we want to develop India then we have to choose people with competence. I am not against anyone ,i am just a guy trying to look for equal competition.