A curb on noise pollution and comfortable living conditions for everyone

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We all have been talking and discussing about global warming, rising pollution levels and ways to curb them for a long time. People actually started doing something about it only when things got out of hands and they started suffering the ill effects of air pollution. However, we have been ignoring a monster called noise pollution which is not out there when you step out of your homes, but can harm you even within the confines of your home. Having lived in the vicinity of a five star hotel for years, I have suffered because of the events, marriages, parties held by the hotel throughout the year every now and then. Even after the Supreme Court of India had laid specific guidelines about how many decibels the hotels and marriage gardens are supposed to play at (55 decibels for residential areas), these places along with their DJs do not follow these rules and play music at glaring levels. It is needless to say, that the police does not help despite repeated complaints for reasons best known to them. 

I am sure there are several people like me who suffer because of these loud events. There are children, elderly, exam going students etc who have to bear the brunt of this excessive unnecessary noise. 

I request everyone to sign and forward this petition and make these hotels etc follow rules already laid by the court, or put a blanket ban on music amplifiers in open areas in residential areas before things get out of hands like air pollution. World Health Organization has specifically mentioned the ill effects fo noise pollution on their website amongst which are namely irritability, poor concentration, harm to hearing, to especially children. I am sure we all agree that we want to become a civilized and law abiding country. Enjoyment for a few should not become a torture for many.