Change to the Canadian Model for Alcohol and Drug Testing

Change to the Canadian Model for Alcohol and Drug Testing

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Started by Master Bravo

The Canadian Model for providing a safe workplace is very unfair and against human rights and has caused more harm then good and is just a big lying cash cow
Cannabis products are a legal consumed product like Alcohol. 
Alcohol has caused more social and family problems then any other drug in the world, yet it is accepted. 

 I would rather work with someone in a safety sensitive job that smoked a joint the night before work then someone that consumed alcohol or did hard drugs.

Their isn’t any current test that can determine impairment from products containing THC. Effects from THC last 2-4 hours.


THC stays in your system several weeks after consumption. That is detected in a urine test. Where many people have not got hired because of it and lost out on thousands of dollars to feed their families. 
  Consumers of harder drugs such as cocaine, meth, can stop for a few days and pass a pre-access for employment.

once someone passes a pre-access test, person can go back to consuming. 

The Canadian Model is based on the Department of Transport from the USA. This model punishes Cannabis users, something that is legal in Canada. This is so against human rights. Alcohol is promoted advertised and socially accepted on so many fronts. So drunks can carry on never having to pass a test a A and D test as long as they refrain from consuming alcohol the day before.  

This Petition  is to eliminate urine testing and go strictly to a swab test. Or no test at all. 

70 have signed. Let’s get to 100!