STOP RAPES IN ALL OVER THE CHT! Justice for Kritika (Purna) Tripura!

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Bangladesh: Hang rapist-murderers to death!

Settlers who gang raped and brutally murdered indigenous girl Purna Tripura (9) are :

  1.  Najrul Islam (27), Motor driver, Madhyo Boyalkhali
  2. Nayan Hossain (26), Mahendra car driver, No 2 Merung 
  3. Nayan Islam (28), Mahendra car driver, No 2 Merung 
  4. Bhandari motor driver No 2 Merung

First the rapist-muderers gang raped her and then chopped off her hands, slashed her female organ and pushed a piece of wood into her anus. We must take a stand. Purna is not alive to protest against the injustice to her. But we can!

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