Sex Trade: Demand Court Revoke Sex Offender's Access!

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We demand the Supreme Court of Western Australia revoke violent sex offender Edward Latimer's  sexual access to women, men and Transpeople  in the sex trade.

We do not exist as the receptacles for male violence!

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 Dear The Honourable Chief Justice Quinlan,

 In response to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Derrick's verdict that Edward William Latimer be released with 'conditional access to sex workers' we insist this decision be reconsidered with utmost urgency and consideration of, but not limited to, Article 6 of CEDAW which states countries must work to eliminate the “exploitation of prostitution in women”. [1]

We are concerned citizens made up of women, men and transpeople currently and formerly in the sex trade, allies, researchers, academics, lawyers, and psychologists. 

The disregard for women in the verdict of this decision includes dreadful ignorance of the recidivism of sex offenders and their attitudes towards all women, particularly those men who use women in the sex trade. The peer reviewed research on this subject has proved men who pay for sexual access are more likely to commit sexually violent crimes. [2]

Justice Derrick, while accepting that his decision will not resolve the offender's issues reflects the false and dangerous notion that the offender's access to women in the sex trade will mitigate it to some degree. In so doing he fails to acknowledge his decision further fuels violence toward women both within and outside of the sex trade.

This decision is based in the false idea that a prostituted class of women exist to take violence on behalf of all women; when in fact, women in prostitution have the same legal rights to physical and psychological safety as all other Australian citizens. 

This decision reflects an attitude of disposability toward a sector of our society, specifically women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, indigenous, migrant and those escaping domestic violence. We believe the inherent worth of a human being cannot be measured as less valuable due to poverty, race, origin of birth or prior victimisation. 

It is disturbing that an Australian court can order, to place in harm's way, disenfranchised sectors of our community; mostly women. 

When a person held in high esteem and position relies on the spurious claim that compensated sexual access (prostitution) may curb sexual offences, we insist that such irresponsibility and misogyny cannot be left unchallenged. 


We the undersigned find this decision unacceptable and dangerously misguided. We urgently request that this decision be reversed immediately, setting a precedent of placing citizens rights to be free from violence central to any and all provisional releases of violent criminals.

We also ask that Justice Anthony Derrick make a public statement of apology for this appalling decision.


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