RETRIAL for Paddy Jackson and the other men involved in the rape.

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The amount of evidence that was dismissed unfairly from a trial was completely biased. The blood on their sheets, the seminal fluid on the girls pants. The changing story from PADDY JACKSON himself: in one statement he says that the girl was "not distressed" when she left, and in the next he says he is sorry for how "distressed" she was when she left their house. 

The internal exam from Dr Philip Lavery showed a 1cm laceration in her vaginal wall, which would match to the blood found on Paddy Jackson's sheets. However, this video was again deemed inadmissible, alongside a lot of other evidence that proved this poor girl was raped.

Much of this evidence was NOT SHOWN to the jurors who oversaw this case.

Also kept from the jurors was additional blood on Paddy Jackson's bed, which he stated he had "no intention of saying where that blood came from." Another rape? Another spit roast?

Kept from the jurors again were the messages shared by these men the day after the rape happened, including one pornographic video of a "spit roast". 

The lawyer representing the defence even went as far as to say: "Why didn't she scream?" Quoted: "Why did she not say no?," he said. "Why didn't she open her mouth? Why didn't she scream? A lot of very middle-class girls were downstairs, they were not going to tolerate a rape or anything like that. Why didn't she scream the house down?" As if that's how rape works. Not only does this show the complete ignorance of this man's knowledge of sexual assault, but it shows his disrespect for women in general.

The evidence lists as:

Stuart Olding’s semen was found on the crotch of the complainant’s pants.
Rory Harrison sent Stuart Olding a video of a consensual ‘spit roast’.
Details of a connection to the Uber app from the complainant’s mobile phone.
Barrister Frank O’Donoghue sought to have the jury dismissed following Twitter activity by Alliance leader Naomi Long.
The three questions from the jury on day one of deliberation.
Yellow flowers being sent to the complainant during the trial.
The attendance of Rory Best as a character witness for Patrick Jackson.

Yet these men have been acquitted and the girl has been shamed, with no justice for the atrocity that happened to her. Additionally, they are now trying to recoup 100k of legal fees.

I think the general population can agree that this trial was completely biased, sexist and wrong. A retrial is MANDATORY to re-examine the evidence that was given and include ALL factors.