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Laws should be made for Human rights activists

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If 1 terrorist is killed by Indian army, alot of fuss is made about it. The soldiers are also humans and they have Human rights too. But they have been denied their right and buy whom??? Human rights activists. Ha that's a joke. Terrorists who do inhuman things and gets Human rights and Indian army who stands with citizen in all kind of disaster has to defend their self for rightly taken action of protecting their self and the citizens of India has to justify it to a bunch of people who them self are violating right. This is so wrong. We don't allow lawyers to do operation or a doctor to fight case in court, then how can we allow someone to question actions of our soldier who hasn't served in army. So this is what I want...

 human rights activists should be divided in different categories. They can't comment or speak a word about the matters outside their category. They will have to register their self to categories they wants to be active in. To register they should have prior experience of that filed. 

For example before committing on army's actions they will have to serve in army for 1 year

This way they will be able to experience both side of the coin. This will make their work more accurate, and they won't do injustice to any side.

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