Govt officials to be accountable for allowing encroachment and unlawful coml activities

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Since December 2017 there are rampant sealing all Over Delhi on the orders of honourable supreme Court of India. The SEALING drive is being carried by the erstwhile MCD of 3 zones, followed by anti encroachment drive against hawkers, street vendors and shopkeepers who keep there wares on public streets. KMetres of encroachment has been removed and freed of govt land but again to be returned back by these hawkers. 

SEALING ISSUE: The commercial activities in residential area is an old issue and in past ordinances had been passed for temporary relief to traders by respective govts under tenure of which these issues came up and resolved. Irony is these activities came up not overnight. Traders are paying commercial tax, GST from the residential premises, moreover trade licences being issued by the corporation, and suddenly they are illegal and sealed. Thousands of common people rendered jobless. Shudnt be the govt officials responsible for allowing commercial activities in first place be ACCOUNTABLE. Should they not be punished for the contempt of master plan and booked. Why only common man and not the govt officials. There should be final ordinance for last relief of all irregularities and thereupon no further relief for unlawful activities and both violator and officials who allow carrying on to be punished so that a presedence is made in civil society.

ANTI ENCROACHMENT DRIVE: Why should always supreme Court intervene for the common citizens benefits. Don't the corporation know about encroachment menace be it by hawkers or road facing shop owner. The drive should be regular practice so that people are fearing law thus sooner or later becoming law abiding citizens. Kudos to the supreme Court.