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General category candidate can change caste category just like religion

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Although, as per constitution of India, every individual has the right to equality, India is still divided on the name of the caste. Every day when we switch on any news channel we hear certain incidents happened with Dalit girls or something happened to DALIT boys. Why it is so important to mention caste and creed. Why don't we hear about a girl from general category to be met with the certain incidents? Actually, our media and our system is trying to divide the society by the name of the caste.
On the second hand, initially, this caste system was just for 10 years which is being extended by ministers for maintaining their vote banks. I request you to sign this petition and make a move for equality and abolish caste system so that this can be easily achieved. We want to be given freedom to change ones caste and category just like as a person can change his/her religion without any issue. The right should be given to switching caste and category. If person from SC or ST category wish to switch to general category or vice versa (ie switch from general category to SC or ST) then also freedom should be given to switching the caste and category to each and every individual.
If an individual has freedom to switch religion, then freedom to switch category should also be given.

Sign my petition to ask supreme court to allow us to switch category and caste for the sake of equality.

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