For getting 368 grace marks on that 92 erroneous questions,who took NEET in Bengali.

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Should get 368 grace marks who took NEET in Bengali.It will be the proper way of justice. Because in a competitive exam where every second has values, Bengali students have lost their valuable minutes to finding out the actual meaning of that 92 questions. Even maximum options were wrong.

CBSE has told on that topic.

1) "CBSE gave an excuse about that topic in notification it's clearly mentioned that any type of ambiguous questions English will be treated as final" 

But why CBSE didn't mention that who knew English very well would eligible for this exam.?They could raised their voice that they wouldn't be able to make questions papers in regional languages instead of making wrong, meaningless questions.

2)If same thing would happen with English papers, what would be the next step by cbse?

3) why CBSE didn't give equal level playing ground to all.? 

4)why CBSE has focused their entire concentration on English language whether Bengali, Tamil our constitutionally approved language & English only our professional language.

5) who has lost their dreams to becoming a doctor due to that meaningless papers what would be their future?it's our humble request to every decision maker please specially focused on the future of that bengali students who took NEET in Bengali.

6) we have right to pray for proper justice, 

We believe that bengali students will get the actual justice.