Death penalty for rapist or provide every girl a revolver !!!

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In India, a woman is raped after every 20 minutes . According  to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), crimes against women have increased by 7.5% since 2010.ALso our judicial  procedure is very time taking no prompt action has been taking after confirmation of criminal , a criminal is a criminal whether he is juvenile or adult there should be equal law for everyone one . Everyday severity of rape cases is increasing , they molest a girlphysically,mentally  and after that killed her brutally.  How do people are becoming monsters and no prompt action by our law system. Other countries has such strict rule for such heinous crime and action time is short due this people have fear in their mind thats . Men are supposed to lower their gaze.But in our system first we see is it rarest of rare or not ?? In India people have no fear thats why they don't give it a thought before doing this .One thing our government can do either death penalty to rapist or to  provide every gal a revolver with bullets having some chemical agent to fall him off quickly.That will be the quick remedial to save ownself . Fear of punishment reduce the crime rate.