Blunder of CBSE and suffering to students!!!!!! Worst Examination planning !! Corrupt!!!

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We honest students worked so hard for the entire year , sacrificing all the joys . Just for some marks which could make us feel proud of our hardwork . But now those students who didn't even touched their books till exams are now confident of more than 90+.

Just because of the carelessness of CBSE towards handling of the papers.

After such a great hustle bustle of the leaked accountancy paper. CBSE should have taken care of this but no such care was seem to be shown toward this issue.

Now CBSE is saying that it will Reconduct the Economics exam ,which is meant to be just for a foolish show off .

Please tell me one paper which was kept safe from your side and it was not in the hands of those people who made the examination system a hell !!

Even after such decision of Reconduct of examination. I cant expect that the paper would be sent safely without any prior leakage due to such widespread corruption spread entirely.

Even after this major decision the one who will suffer are the honest one's . And some students would again do something just with their good contacts.


The Struggle that we did the whole year all went into vain.

All credit goes to CBSE.