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Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) to be amended to. Motivate our forces in valley

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*While watching the video of a Kashmiri youth harassing the CRPF jawans, i was wondering as to what has emboldened these young men to ill treat the jawans*.
*The answer was not difficult to find*.

*One*, Supreme Court in its verdict delivered on July 8 last year *had given the state police liberty to probe the role of armed forces in alleged encounter cases in areas where the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is in force*.

*Two,* *Supreme Court’s decision to interfere with the selection of what weapon systems to be used against* *the stone pelters has emboldened the seperatists and on the other hand has caused a serious set back to the security forces operational decision making capability.*

*Three*, *Some section of Indian media going hyper over the use of pellet guns and criticising & accusing often incorrectly, the Security forces of brutality*.

*How can in operational areas where terrorists are equipped with grenades, rocket launchers and Automatic weapons the security forces be exposed to legal processes that are applicable in peace time Policing.*

*Its in my opinion not only a great disservice being done by the SC but it also displays its lack of concern for the Life of SOLDIERS fighting against the cruel terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons*.

*One has to enquire as to who were the judges who have passed such a judgement, because it is done in a most cavalier manner and without the least awareness of ground realities!!!*

*Imagine FIR being filed against a Company Commander whose team has killed a few militants in a search operation or has killed a terrorist supporter who was escaping through the cordon*.

*Obviously, the separatists would be able to line up hundreds of witnesses to prove their point that the militant killed was an innocent man and not a terrorist*. *Such cases had happened a number of times in the Past, including accusations of ' Rape ' most brazenly & without an iota of truth behind it!!!*

*Which Company commander and his men would like to be dragged into a long drawn legal battle in Kashmir ???!!!*.

*All this has probably had a cumulative impact on CRPF leadership as well when it is seen that the Govt due to adverse publicity and Supreme Courts interference is taking a safe approach*.

*This audacity displayed by Separatists is an out come of the SUPREME COURTS interference*.

*The Govt, although, has once again appealed to the SC to review its judgement but the Judges who have now gone to an extent of deciding which weapon system should be used, it is unlikely that they will dilute their judgement passed last year*.

*In view of the above following is likely to happen soon* ;

*Strong opposition or reluctance displayed by soldiers in CRPF and in Army against carrying out patrolling duties or participating in operations because no one wears the uniform to get kicks by the separatists*.

*Increased level of violence by separatists against the Security forces*.


*In the absence of any legal cover, the Security forces are likely to sit tight within their premises and may avoid operating in built up areas or populated areas. Because No company commander or CO would risk his career or would like to get involved into long drawn legal processes*.

*The militancy may spread across the Pir Panjal*.

*My opinion is that the Nation can not be run on the whims and fancies of Judiciary.*

There is an urgent need to ;

*The Govt to put its foot down and asks SC not to meddle in aspects which are in Executive domain. Even if that amounts to taking on the judiciary, head on. India is more important than a few SC judges*.


*The Security Forces ldership takes on the SC directly by asking them to visit Kashmir and then suggest measures, instead of passing judgements sitting in their AC Court rooms*.

*We all write and take up this issue and get after the Supreme Court Judges and give them some COMMON SENSE. Its a matter of our SECURITY & NATION'S INTEGRITY*.

*We need to remember that Terrorism is not going to go away by making* *compromises in the Valley and realise it would further spread to other areas as well and finally engulf entire Nation*.

*The Judges need to be reminded that Institutions are made for the country and its people and not the other way round*.

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