Accretion Punishment for Cybercrime

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             The term ”cyberbullying” refers to the use of internet or mobile technology to harass, intimidate, or cause harm to other people emotionally.In the Philippines, where people are fond of using social media, Filipinos are prone in being a victim of the said crime especially youths. According to GMA News online, published by Rie Takumi, 80% of young teens age 13 to 16 have been cyberbullied through social media.

              In this case, youths are the usual victims here, also bullies are teenagers. As youths, we should always consider other people's feelings when posting something online. If we hold a grudge to someone, then talk to them privately and solve your problem with that person in the nicest way, not by posting your grudge with that person, giving nicknames, saying harsh words that'll hurt them and letting the whole world know about it. Will that make any sense? Will that make you a better person? Will that solve your problems? Probably NOT. You hurt them (emotionally)? You just made yourself look pathetic and weak by badmouthing other people. You just made yourself image worse.


           In this petition, I am asking you, the one who's reading this, our president Rodrigo Duterte, the Supreme Court and the Congress to take action over this matter. I want to request a change; a change that will make the punishment for cybercrime to increase. I am also including youths as a decision maker because youths are involved in this matter, we are and will be victims if the anti-cybercrime law will stay as it is and some of us will continue in being cyberbullies.

If the current law seems to be easy to break, let's make it hard to STOP cyberbullying.

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