Amendment in Anti-rape Bill - Special Forces & Decision within seven days of the crime

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Rape is undoubtedly a heinous crime and an issue of great concern in India today. Despite enacting new laws with stringent punishments and setting up fast-track courts, things have not changed much. With more rape cases are coming to the fore and covered in the news, few questions always come to our mind.Is it only the pervert individuals who are responsible for rape cases or is it that our criminal justice system is inept? The question that follows is even more thought-provoking. Is it not because of the delay in legal proceedings that make criminals feel that they will not be convicted in their lifetime?

India’s New Anti-rape Law
Considering the punishments meted out in other countries, India is too soft on convicts. In fact, before 2013, rape was not considered a major crime. The highest degree of punishment that could be given to the convict was imprisonment for seven years This was possible only when the culprit was arrested and proved guilty.
After the Nirbhaya incident, the Parliament passed the Anti-rape Bill. Now, an act of rape is liable to life-long imprisonment and even death penalty in extreme cases. According to the new law, not only rape but other acts like sexual harassment, molestation, acid attacks, stalking and voyeurism are also liable to stringent punishments. The new law has the provision of awarding minimum 20 years of rigorous imprisonment, which can extended to life imprisonment to those found guilty of gang-rape.
Out of the six men arrested in the infamous Nirbhaya rape case of December 2012, four of the accused adults were awarded death penalty in March 2014. It took almost two-and-half years for the judiciary to give the verdict.

But Now we want justice with time frame !  As In United Arab Emirates too, the punishment, is death. The rapist is hanged till death and this punishment is meted out within seven days of the crime


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