Supporting the Switzerland Screening of Maid In Malacanang.

Supporting the Switzerland Screening of Maid In Malacanang.

6 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Malcolm Conlan

An Open letter to cinemas and movie theatres in #Switzerland from a concerned netizen and supporter of the latest movie by Philippine Film Director, Darryl Yap Maid In Malacanang. 

To whom it may concern, 

I am deeply disappointed and frustrated to learn that there has apparently been an objection to the screening of #MaidInMalacañang in Switzerland which of course has caused great upset to some members of the Filipino community there. 

The author of the said letter has referred to the film as a ‘propaganda film of the Marcos dictatorship’. 

They then called President Marcos a ‘monster’ in the said letter. 

I believe they are claiming that the film shouldn’t be shown as they believe it’s an affront to democracy and they cry ‘Democracy not Dictatorship’. 

I firmly believe that there are always two sides to every story. They obviously haven’t even watched the film or they would understand that this movie has been told from the perspective of the Maids and staff at the Palace at the actual time. Why are they not allowed to share their perspective? How can anyone disprove or somehow go against the testimonies of the actual workers or helpers of the Marcos family?

I would have hoped that the good people of Switzerland would support democracy and the rights of the public to hear both sides of the story, this is also a much anticipated movie which also seeks to bring people together, to debate, to learn and to understand. 

Having watched MaidInMalacanang four times myself in the UK, I can say that this movie also supports domestic workers and their rights. 

To attempt to either ban the movie or cancel any screening I believe would be an affront to democracy.  This would also be depriving Filipinos in Switzerland from watching a movie of cultural importance too. I have witnessed many Filipinos who have laughed and cried at this movie which is also part comedy, it’s NOT a Documentary nor propaganda film at all. 

It’s very clear that those against the said movie seem to actually be suppressing freedom of speech and democracy, maybe they will only allow a movie which shows the perspective of their narrative only?

Let Filipinos in Switzerland watch this film for themselves and decide what version of events to believe? Why would anyone want to spoil the enjoyment of the Filipino community there in Switzerland and surrounding countries and deprive them of such an important and culturally relevant piece of work. 

I do hope that this matter can be resolved and that the film can be screened, any banning of the movie there, would be, I believe suppression of freedom of speech and creativity, isn’t that the actions of dictators? 

Instead of trying to ban Maid in Malacanang there, how about actively try to campaign for Katips to be shown there? That way Filipinos can really choose which film they wanted to watch. IF MiM was somehow banned in Switzerland, I would be campaigning for their film Katips to be banned there too?

Let’s play fair and allow Filipinos to judge for themselves what they wanted to believe, Filipinos have common sense and reason and to suppress this movie would, I believe be disrespectful to the Filipino community based there. 

Thank you, 

Hoping for a postive outcome,

Kind regards,

Malcolm Conlan,
Social media influencer and Filipino advocate,

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Signatures: 158Next Goal: 200
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