Supporting a Heritage Tourist Rail service for the South Gippsland.

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Please sign this petition to show your support and get behind Southern Rail Group to bring a Heritage Tourist Railway to South Gippsland, to be run between Leongatha and Nyora, and possibly beyond in the future. Our voice's need to be heard that we don't want the Railway ripped up to turned into a sole Rail Trail, especially at the rate payers expense. Having a tourist rail will be fantastic for the local economy, by creating jobs and bring people out to visit our country towns and villages and all the local businesses in them. The rail line has so much history behind it and we can't let it be destroyed. The people in the local communities should have the right to say what they want, and a sole rail trail is not it. Why not have a trail running beside the railway so people can make the choice on what they would like to do. Maybe and train trip out and then and walk or bike ride back.

I am a local to Leongatha and want to save this rail line not only now for a Heritage Tourist Rail Service, but also for the future by bring back a public commuter train service to this area which it deserves and needs.

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