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Supporters of Students with Special Needs: Don't let BC close the Campus School


Boston College has kept an earth shattering decision for 38 students and families, a secret in order to strain away from the public eye. Father Leahy is planning to move the BC Campus School to Franciscan Hospital due to a "space shortage" on campus. 

"The Boston College Campus School educates students aged 3 to 21 with multiple disabilities, including complex health care needs. The program provides student-centered educational and therapeutic services in a school-based setting. Using a transdisciplinary approach, student growth is achieved through the development of a stimulating environment and challenging instruction tailored to the needs of the individual." Boston College;

Every Boston College student & alumni within the past 43 years has been affected by the Campus School one way or another, from one time interactions or day to day contact & communication on BC's campus. For anyone who has been a part of the Boston Marathon, from participating in to cheering on, you have been affected by the Campus School, as there are upwards of 300 students, faculty and various supporters that run each year in the name of BCCS to better the lives of those living with severe disabilities.

Father Leahy has not come out with a public statement, as he plans to shut down the BCCS on campus and move it to Franciscan Hospital, with the final decision being made within 90 days. Please sign this petition in efforts to establishment a word of mouth movement. The community needs BCCS just as much as the students within BCCS need the support & help of the volunteers & educators.

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