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Supporters of Quality Geographic Education for Texas Schools: Vote against House Bill 5 and support the 4-4 curriculum.

We are geographers, and are in strong support of the required world geography course. We feel changing the required social studies credit from 4 to 3 will leave the world geography course vulnerable to substitution or even elimination. We believe in the concept of “rigor” and we oppose HB5 as an attempt to soften the educational challenge for Texas students. World geography teaches our kids about people, places, the environment, and geospatial skills, all matters that will make them responsible citizens who have the skills needed to compete in the global economy of the twenty-first century.
All students whether college bound or not, need a world geography course to begin to understand energy production and dependence, globalization, cultural diversity, business location, transportation, homeland security, climate change, natural and technological hazards, and the many uses for geo-technology (Global Position Systems, Geographic Information Systems, and Remote Sensing). We ask you to consider maintaining the curriculum to 4 years of 4 core subjects of science, math, social studies and english in the recommended and distinguished high school graduation program.
We worked with the Texas Council for the Social Studies to support a 4 unit social studies curriculum, a matter of great pride for Texas educators. Let’s maintain the rigor of our high school graduation requirements. Academic rigor is what this great state needs.

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