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A Call to End Slander in the Pro-Palestine Movement Online

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A Call to End Slander in the Pro-Palestine Movement Online

We, active supporters of Palestine online, are concerned by the recent increase in public personal attacks in the pro-Palestine movement in social media. Such attacks waste valuable volunteer time that could be devoted to more constructive actions, and have done real damage to individuals and groups. While those making the attacks may be sincere in their commitment to the Palestinian cause, they render the movement more divided, less inviting to new members, and less focused on the goal of ending the unjust and brutal Occupation of Palestine. Such attacks ultimately amount to an attack on the movement itself, the demeaning of a just cause, and an insult to the Palestinian people.

We thus unite in rejecting slander and public personal attacks without proof.

We are aware that infiltration by provocateurs, saboteurs and spies in our groups is a real concern. We believe, however, that public accusations based on supposition, false evidence or hearsay are not a valid response to this threat, as they may unfairly tarnish the innocent with the guilty.

In the case that any of us makes a public personal attack or unproven accusation against one of our colleagues, we hereby pledge to:

1) Swiftly remove the offending statements;
2) Apologize in the forum in which the statement was made; and
3) Not repeat the error.

If we see any pro-Palestine activist attacked in this way, we pledge to defend them.

We pledge to remain united in the face of unwarranted personal attacks on any members of this movement, from without or within, in view of the greater common goal of Palestinian rights and freedom, to which all of our efforts should be directed.

¬We The Undersigned,

Ilan Pappe
Mohamed Matter
Denny Cormier
Robert Martin
Hamdi Abu Rahma
Ronnie Barkan
Funk (CB Crew)
Greta Berlin
Tarek Sarad
Pam Bailey
Israa Thiab
Theo Horesh
Majd Al Waheidi
Conor Cusack
Yasser Abumuailek
Peter Cohen
Nidal AJ
Mike Burch
Roxana Saad
Andrew Nelis
Rula Khoury Borelli
Rina Idrus
Eiman Annab
Beverley Krell
Zaina Masri
Maida Mohammed
Hala Gabriel
Sally Lauren
Yumna Kamdar
Carol Gai
Ashleigh Shaw
Kay Gardner
Ruth Phelps

Please join us in support by adding your name to this declaration and petition - and by joining us in this effort to stop divisive and destructive attacks on our fellow human rights activists.

Denny Cormier
Human Rights Activist / Citizen Journalist
Gaza City

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