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Support ZERO Short Term Rentals Homes (STRH) on Molokai

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Commercial investors seeking to operate short-term rental homes on Molokai are threatening our Island home and our unique Hawaiian lifestyle. The number of permit requests for Short Term Rental Homes is getting out of control. Our culture, lifestyle and the fragile environment of our island home are at stake. One by one these Short Term Rental Homes contribute to cumulative impacts that affect everything from rising property taxes, affordable housing shortages for full time residents, and degraded quality of community, as well interfering with fishermen and gatherers who utilize the shorelines and ocean resources for traditional and subsistence gathering.

Since late 2016, we've been trying to set a cap that limits the amount of permits issued for STRHs on Molokai. Since then our Council Member Stacy Crivello introduced a resolution that would set that cap. It moved through the Molokai Planning Commission with the recommendation to cap Short Term Rental Homes on Molokai at ZERO. This petition was created to give people a chance to demonstrate their support for the recommendation to cap short term vacation rentals at ZERO as it moves through the process. 

If you have an extra minute please leave a comment of support that could be about why you're signing, how you've been affected, changes you've noticed in the community, or whatever is in your heart to share. And if you're from Molokai please comment if you can what ahupua'a you're from or just East, Central, or West. We're hoping to demonstrate island wide support. 

Molokai not for sale ~ Keep Molokai, Molokai ~ Don't Change Molokai, Let Molokai Change You ~ These are not just catchy phrases to put on bumper stickers these are statements that Molokai people have fought hard throughout the years to keep true, lets not give that up now. 

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