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The Stupac/Pitts (no kidding), amendment to the House, recently passed, Healthcare (mediocre) Reform Bill, is part and parcel the culmination of the corporate structure‘s, convolution's forces, enforcer's, the remocrat conspiracies present frontline troops, the "tea baggers" (in terms of my King George Bush analogy, they'd be the occupying Brits, dictating by force of arms and terror that colonists continue to be loyal subjects of the empire, and imperialism, the monarchy, and it's previous "leader of the free world" patriarchal "head", King George, as well as the oligarchy, and their loyal subjects, the Tories, their equivalent of the current corporate structure, the remocrat conspiracy, and its main global enforcer then, English Imperial supposed power; now US) latest year of systematic assassinations, shootings, assaults, abuses and harassment of the populace programs, in combination with the healthscare, and collaborating industries public relations, determining perception and attempting to determine consensus, programs; and an attempt to remove women's healthcare equality from the middle-class to poor women.

Not to forget, it's also an attempt to impose remocratic Gov't into Americans lives, while diminishing women's access and rights to healthcare, reproductive rights; as well as civil and human rights. We also have to remember that being a woman isn't a "pre-existing condition", which is what the healthscare industry monopoly tried to establish already, turning women's current health needs down for not listing in their applications, accepted years earlier, yeast infections from decades past, etc., denying coverage for a larger range of false reasons, and to a larger % of women, then men; which are many of the reasons for the current need of reform.

The Stu(-)PAC Amendment supporters, supposedly numbering 40, are dictating that "no healthcare bill will be passed without their Stu(-)PAC('s) Amendment", well, a Congress person has said, "she has 40 too", and, "no healthcare bill will be passed with the Stu(-)PAX Amendment in it"; good for her- yet, we must make sure of it. For, this is the greatest threat to women's reproductive rights in decades!

It's no coincidence that Congress people, Stupac and Pitts are members of the "C" Street gang, they call themselves "the family" (fashioned after the mafia), of the supposed Christian dominionism cult, in supposed Christian Evangelism, as are most of the amendment's supporters. Who, in one single move, are trying to dictate that middle-class to poor women won't even be able to use their own funds to get necessary, even life-saving, abortions (as some have to, even now, under the Hyde Amendment), because any doctor or hospital that provides such services will not ever be able to do business again with any healthcare provider in the "exchange", which is the new umbrella group the healthcare reform bill establishes. Nor, in the "public option", which the healthcare reform bill establishes too, which is limited, and only applies to 6 million people; as it stands now.  The Stu(pid-)PAC's (if they think they're gong to 'get away with it') Amendment, must be stopped at all costs, even if it means no healthcare supposed reform bill gets passed ever.

It's also no coincidence that Dr. Tiller's assassin called the Associated Press, the same day, and confessed to the assassination, bragging; as many of the ‘tea baggers‘ have about his "work", for months. You may think the timing of this with the 20th anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall is a coincidence, or, the fact that the top Wall Street firms, Goldman Sachs, etc., reported high earnings, and a 60 % rise in the amounts of well over a 100,000 of their employees bonuses, compared to the previous year, and the Stock Market going up over 200 points in the Dow Jones, etc., I do not; across the board, they're bragging, and delighting in the defeat of any real public option, the bailing out of Wall Street, at the expense of Main Street and the world, etc..

Yes, Congressman Kucinich voted with principle, against the supposed public option, for, it doesn't realize competition with the healthscare industry, mandates everyone buys their healthcare, or pay penalties, etc.. Yes, Congressman Bernie Sanders, may filibuster it; and has pushed for Too Big to Fail - Too Big to Exist legislation. Yes, President Obama, inherited the bail-out and TARP set-up from King George, and changed some of the structure of some of those payouts. Yes, Congressman Barney Frank, etc, will get legislation passed to give shareholders a vote on what bonuses will be in the future, and Congress may tax those exorbitant bonuses paid to those responsible for gutting our economy, and almost the whole world's, in the future, as well.

Although, we can't let King George's Tories, and their tea baggers stop humanities' necessitated evolution. Yes, we have, are, and will struggle well, yet, we don't have to let them dictate that middle-class to poor women are, again, relegated to defacto-second-class citizens; in terms of their healthcare, etc.. We can stop this, Stupac Amendment, we must stop that amendment, and we will stop that amendment. As well, no trigger, because triggers don't get pulled. Also, please, advocate for single-payer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (Community Choice Act for the handicapped, elderly, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 676 & S. 703, are the best of the lot, so far; i.m.h.o..

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