Support Women-Driven Movement in Iran by Deeds and not Words

Support Women-Driven Movement in Iran by Deeds and not Words

November 4, 2022
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Started by Mo

The unprecedented women-driven movement in Iran needs to be empowered to resist the murderous reaction of the dictatorship in Iran.

The US government should cooperate with other democratic governments and take tangible actions.

As a human rights group, along with all freedom-loving people, we intend to do our best to make this possible. 

Please sign the petition and join us.


Dear President Biden,

You are aware of the stunning and unprecedented uprising of Iranian women. This movement was ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody for defying the strict code of women's clothing and "wearing inappropriate clothes."

We, Iranian Expatriates and many freedom-loving Americans, urge you to show solidarity with courageous women and men in Iran who are opposing the dictators ruling Iran. Please cooperate with other democratic governments to take meaningful actions against Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI). These are our specific requests:

  • IRI should be suspended from the UN (Lawful suspension is indicated in Article 5 of the UN Charter). 
  • IRI officials should not be allowed to visit the US for any occasion.  
  • The IRI’s embassies should be closed.

These penalties should be observed until all political and social activist prisoners are released and enforcing dress codes on women is stopped. These demands should be placed along the conditions for IRI’s atomic-related activities.

Fed up with the Islamic Regime’s inhumane laws and regulations, young women and eventually people of all ages and genders took to the streets shouting slogans and, in particular, "Woman, life, freedom." Women remove and burn headscarves and body covers and courageously confront the forces of repression ordered to fire live ammunition.

We are not asking you for regime change. This is a task that can be done by the Iranians. The movement that started spontaneously is slowly getting organized. The brutal regime in Iran won't hesitate to demolish spontaneous movements when its life is in danger. Millions of organized, courageous women and men cannot be stopped even by a murderous regime. However, they need time to reach that undefeatable state.

You can provide this opportunity for them by taking the actions indicated above.

Our American allies and we are determined to pursue these tasks by using our voting power. Regardless of our political affiliation, we will vote only for those who stand by the freedom fighters in Iran by deeds and not words.

We hope that you will show your concern about human rights by acting on these issues immediately before the brutal regime destroys this movement.

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Signatures: 362Next Goal: 500
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