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Creek rd's Pre-existing use

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Please sign our petition and allow short term rentals to continue, specifically on Creek Road Wading river, a time honored tradition dating back to the 1870's. Homeowners want to share their waterfront properties with families as they have in the past 150 years & before the 2013 draconian code (We have Pre-existing use, as we are sure you do). These families that come and visit have a wonderful experience and allow for the homeowners to be able to afford the rising costs of taxes and upkeep of these beach front properties. This law was passed in 2013 and only enforced on these Creek Road residents homes! Why?

We want our pre-existing use to be recognized just like the cottages & others in Riverhead that in 2013 were completely excused.

There are 2 beach clubs on Creek Road collecting dues from members to the beach clubs (transient short term renters, daily renters, etc...). These renters come to enjoy the Wading River Beach, and the beach clubs maintain the upkeep on their property from these members. These beach clubs were put up on creek rd after the pre exisiting short term homes ever experienced rental activity.

The 29 night rental clearly discriminates against women and families, which requires them to come stay 29 night minimum, (leaving their job, school etc..) This terrible regulation also crushes our local seasonal economy, and all the small mom and pop shops in Wading River. One week rentals, and weekend rentals, are a time honored standard on Creek Road as we have been renting our homes before this illegal code was even put on record. For over a century! A 29 night minimum rental violates the US Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as the New York State Division of Human Rights Fair Housing Act. Will you raise your voice with us? Don't allow this discrimination - it's unlawful and mean-spirited. This will negatively impact our year round/seasonal businesses and our community. Preventing young families to find out about Wading River and settle here!

Please continue to show your support this year and we will as well for our neighbors and most important our community. It's about GOOD change supporting each other in a world that needs small communities like us to support each other and pull together, one small community at a time !

Thank you! and please to all our supporters, please do not donate monies to any links from this petition. You are welcome to come stay with us though....


Today: Support Wading River Creek Rd Short Term Rentals, a 150 Year Old Tradition is counting on you

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